Tips for Student/ Veteran Success

Serving your country in the military is one of the most honorable things you can do in life. One of the best ways the United States government honors their veterans is with the G.I. Bill. This law helps veterans looking to get a college education by paying roughly $18,000 of their tuition every year. Extra stipends are available for books and housing.


This is simply the best way to find a fulfilling life after your military career ends. The transition to college life can be quite tough, so it is important to choose the right school. These are three tips that will help student veterans succeed.


Research the School


The first step to finding the right college is doing a little basic research. Learn the school’s average class sizes, tuition costs, graduation rates and job placement rates. Once you get a basic understanding of the college, it should be fairly easy to know if it is a right fit for you. The last thing you want to happen is to arrive on your first day and realize you made a big mistake. This will just cost you a lot of time, money and stress.


Location Matters


Since the funds provided by the G.I Bill are limited, it is best to stick to a university near your current location. This will allow to save on housing and transportation costs. Staying in the same area also reduces the risk of culture shock. You already have a support system of friends and family in the area, which will come in handy if the experience get overwhelming. If you are unable to find a suitable school near your current location, then you can always look into distance learning.


Veteran-Friendly Resources


Some colleges and universities are just more accommodating to veterans than others. It is important to find a school that makes veterans feel welcomed and accepted. A great way to know if veterans are treated well at a school is seeing if they have a Student Veterans of America campus chapter. This organization gives student veterans resources and guidance to help with the tough transition to college life. You may even get lucky by finding a university that provides free child care services to student veterans.