Tips for Veterans in Quarantine Due to Coronavirus

Covid-19, or the coronavirus, is a serious illness that’s extremely contagious. It’s been classified as a pandemic. Due to significant health risks regarding infection, the VA has put in place some guidelines that will work toward slowing transmission of the disease. These guidelines protect veterans, healthcare workers, and visitors.


  1. Call In Advance:

If you plan to visit a VA facility to get medical care and are experiencing potential symptoms of the disease, it’s imperative to call the facility before going in. The personnel may be able to direct you to other options. One diagnostic option you may use is VA telehealth. Another option is corresponding via the MyHealtheVet system. These resources can save a trip and avoid potential transmission or contraction of the disease.


  1. Screening Questions And Measures Are In Place:

Those who are wishing to visit VA facilities such as hospitals, clinics, community living centers, or other health care facilities will need to be screened before they can enter. New visitor protocols are in place that involve staff members meeting visitors at the entrance and administering a series of screening and relevant health questions. Once the questions have been asked and answered, it’s up to the discretion of the staff whether to allow entrance or not. It’s also important to note that for resident and staff protection, some facilities may have blanket visitor restrictions in place. It’s best to call ahead and verify before going.


  1. Allow Time For The Screening Process:

For those who have appointments scheduled at VA healthcare facilities, these new guidelines mean you may need to allow yourself extra time. The guidelines in place include a screening of each patient. To make time to allow your pre-appointment screening, you will have to leave home and arrive at the facility earlier than you otherwise would need to. While it may seem frustrating, these procedures protect all those involved from patients to staff or visitors. Due to the danger of this disease, we must all do our best to contain it.


These guidelines are important. It’s integral to be proactive in daily life. You can find updates on the disease and tips to prevent spreading it here. More information about coronavirus is also found here