Veterans Affairs and Mental Health

The issue of mental health in America is a constant topic. Nearly one in five Americans struggle with mental health. More than 1.7 million veterans received some sort of treatment in Veterans Affair Hospitals. The VA offers a very comprehensive range of different mental health services. The organization’s goal is to enable veterans to take a hold of their lives and provide support and recovery after returning from active duty.

The department also aims to provide organized and categorized care for the entire person, including their mind. The VA encourages leaning on supportive family and friends, embracing satisfying work, and leaning on a healthy body. All veterans who receive any kind of inpatient or outpatient care have treatment coordinators to help enforce behavioral treatment plans and provide support.

Veteran Affairs mental health care are available in the following forms:
Nursing Homes
Primary Care Options
Residential Care Opportunities
Patient Aligned Care Teams
Depression Services
Anxiety Services
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Services
Work Programs
Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Day Centers
Mental Health Intensive Case Management
24-hour Emergency Mental Health Care
Housing Placement.
The mental and emotional impact of war hasn’t always been widely recognized and acknowledged. Now that mental health is becoming a less taboo topic, organizations can provide relief and support. Not just for our everyday citizens, but for our veterans as well.